Hello everyone! To celebrate this weeks arrival of RICE mugs, cups and plates, and because so many designs were pink, bubblegum-colored or had flamingo motifs, we at Happy Home Decor have decided to share with you some delicious food ideas we recently found on the web and which inspired us.

Of course to stay true to this weeks theme, these foods are all pink! Enjoy!

Red velvet milkshake1. Mini red-velvet milkshakes

This is a mini-milkshake recipe that was originally created with Valentine's day in mind, but we think love should be limited to only one day each year, especially not if it tastes as good as this!

Served in mini shooter glasses, this pink little sip of deliciousness is really easy to prepare and only takes 4 ingredients, vanilla ice cream, red velvet cake mix, vanilla extract and milk. You can also add whipped cream on top for some extra-yummy!

It only takes a couple of minutes to prepare, and requires no great decorating skills to look good (sprinkling a few heart-shaped sprinkles on top of the whipped cream is really not that difficult, is it?)

For the full recipe and instructions, please visit http://pizzazzerie.com/recipes/mini-red-velvet-milkshakes-for-valentines-day/

Hibiscus iced tea sparkler2. Hibiscus iced tea sparkler

This extremely refreshing and tasty sparkling drink was inspired by Starbuck's Very Berry Hibiscus, with a twist: it's sparkling, and according to Katerina, the lady behind this delicious recipe, it also tastes better. We read those words on her blog and immediately new that we would need to take her up on that and try for ourselves if her recipe was up for the challenge, and you know what? It is!

So if you look for a refreshing spring or summer-drink that will refresh you, taste like heaven and looks like a fabulous splash of happiness in a glass, look no further, this is it!

The recipe is a good chunk more complicated than the red-velvet mini milkshakes, and you will also need to plan in more time to get done with the preparation, but the result is rewarding and worth the effort.

For full instructions and recipe, please visit http://diethood.com/hibiscus-iced-tea-sparkler/

Pink chocolate chip cookies3. Pink chocolate chip cookies

The original recipe for Brookes amazing pink cookies was created to raise breast cancer awareness. As many people had difficulties getting the expected results from the recipe, Susan of tablespoon.com has posted a new and improved recipe, easier to bake.

We did not get to try the original recipe, but we can tell you this ones tastes delicious! And that color, like pure pink flamingo food magic... does that make sense? Probably not, but don't blame us, it's not easy to make sense while eating cookies so good that your mind will drift of to a happy culinary heaven made of puffy pink clouds.

So instead of raving on about how good these cookies are, without further delay here's the place where you'll find the full recipe and baking instructions: http://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/pink-chocolate-chip-cookies

Recommended occasions: Mother's day, Valentine's day, breast cancer awareness day, every day

Sprinkled strawberry4. Sprinkled strawberry dessert

This photo was posted as a table dressing inspiration for bridal showers or brunch, but we think these strawberry treats look too good to save up for a bridal showers - we want to enjoy this tasty treat now!

There was no recipe on the website, but actually making strawberry treats like this is really not hard. All you need are a few strawberries, some white chocolate and pink sprinkles. Heat up the chocolate so it becomes liquid, carefully dip the strawberries into the chocolate, and then gently into the sprinkles, et voilà, beautiful fruit snacks to enjoy with your guests.

The biggest difficulty is to find strawberries that are ripe and tasty, but not too soft yet. You also should be careful to not dip them too deep into the chocolate, you'll want to keep a nice red top. If done right, visually you will have one third of red strawberry, one third white chocolate, and one third sprinkles.

Found here: http://luxefinds.com/LuxeLiving/2012/03/27/strawberry-dessert-table-inspiration-for-bridal-showers-or-brunch/

Raspberry cake5. Raspberry rosé ombré cake

We love the color grading on the inside of the cake, the layered shift from light pink to vivid - when food looks this good, it has to taste fantastic, simply to live up to the expectations. So of course we had to try out ourselves to see if it would tastes as fabulous as we thought it would, and we can confirm it does.

It is a bit of work to bake this cake, as you will need two batches of butter-cream, but the delighted expressions of your guests when you slice the cake and they see how pretty it also looks on the inside, totally worth it!

The recipe was created by Dede at bakepedia.com in honor of breast cancer awareness month, and we recommend to fully read it before starting with this cake. Go through all the ingredients first, and read the full instructions here: http://www.bakepedia.com/raspberry-rose-ombre-cake-recipe/

The recipe serves up to 12 people, so you'll have plenty for friends and family, and be sure to call dibs on a slice for yourself too!

Funfetti cake mix6. Funfetti cake mix sandwich cookies

This little treat is not pure pink, strictly speaking, but we love the fun combination of pink and aqua colors, so we decided to include it in this list nevertheless. Besides, it tastes absolutely delicious, so it would have been a shame to exclude it!

The recipe was created by Julie, who in her own words says these funfetti cake mix sandwich cookies are great for parties, birthdays and celebrations. We agree, but we also think you should can make these delicious bites of yummy every day, because every day should be a celebration, and deserves fabulous colorful food! And these cookie sandwiches are colorful! The pink and turquoise contrast is so vivid, these cookies almost glow in the dark!

Please visit tasteoflizzyt.com for the full recipe and instructions on how to make the funfetti sandwich, and many other colorful and tasty recipes. We haven't tried them all (yet), but we're working on it!