Hey everyone, our collection of RICE housewares is growing, with the addition of a lot of new melamine cups in various colors, the perfect drink recipient for all things tasty, hot or cold. We can not stress enough how convenient melamine housewares is, and we're sorry if we're a bit over-enthusiastic at times, but really, you will not regret getting RICE products for your household.

6 reasons why we love the melamine cups by RICE

1. colorful

This seems pretty obvious, but we can't stress enough how great it feels to open your kitchen cabinets and inside, all those happy splashes of colors - almost like a box of colorful chocolates! Instant happiness! This works particularly well with glass-fronted cabinets or open shelves, they turn your cups into little pieces of colorful art, little stacks of feel-good moments.

We also have seen people really put them on display, as decorative items when not in use. And of course these cups look best when in use, filled with delicious hot or cold beverages. Just imagine a tray full of colorful mugs, cold lemonade, maybe a vase with a pretty flower... doesn't that sound like a delicious moment already?

2. mix-and-match

One of the great things about RICE home goods is that the entire collection is designed to be mixed and matched. The colors all A delcious moment with colorful housewaresharmonize perfectly, so you can either stay within one specific color-scheme, or you can go wild and mix motifs and different colors, and it will still look good. We like to do that, to break up an otherwise boring table decor, because when you have so many different colors on a table, it doesn't require much more decoration to create a warm and welcoming mood for your guests. Matching plates, bowls and other dinnerware is of course available too, making it really easy to create exquisite table settings.

3. break-resistant

RICE cups are made from melamine, which is a hard, light-weight and durable plastic-like resin. It is a hard to break material, even though it feels really light, which makes it great to use during garden parties, for example. Your guests can take their food or drinks with them without being weighed down by heavy porcelain plates, and you don't need to worry about your favorite china breaking.

For the same reason, melamine resin housewares are great for use with children, they will love the bright colors, the light weight of the cups makes it easy for them to handle, and should they drop it on the floor, there is little risk of the cup breaking. Even if it should crack, no dangerous glass shards on the floor.

We would even recommend the RICE melamine cups for "grown children", who might get a little over-enthusiastic while watching a sporting event org et a little carried away by an exciting match.

4. dishwasher-safe

We love to surround ourselves with colorful things in our kitchen, and while it is true that colorful dinnerware makes light work of cleaning chores, and undeniably look better in the sink than plain white plates, we're still happy that these cups are dishwasher-safe. Simply place them on the top rack of your dishwasher, done. Easy care is a big asset when choosing your housewares, and the Danish brand RICE is aware of this.

5. BPA-free

When we prepare a delicious meal for our guests, all we want to worry about is that it tastes good, and that it looks just as good when served. We do not want to worry about chemicals or toxic substances frequently found in plastics or cheap housewares, so we are happy that these cups are made from melamine resin, which is completely BPA-free.

6. social & fair

Many brands claim to care about people, but Danish home goods brand RICE can prove it, as they are the first Scandinavian home wares and accessories to have received an SA8000 accreditation, a social accountability standard that guarantees that their products are made free of child labor, with fair wages and working conditions. Happy products made by people who care.

Our guests loves the colorful RICE cups - your guests will too!

As you can see, we have reasons to love these colorful cups, and we would recommend them to everyone we know. We use the mugs for tea and coffee in our offices, and also for refreshing drinks during the summer months, and everyone loves them. They get used a lot every day and still look mint, like new. And they have survived the occasional office accident without harm, like putting the cup down to close to the desk border, and dropping on the floor. Except for the spillage, no harm done.

In fact, the only complaint we would have about these cups is that they can't be used in the microwave, as melamine is not microwave-ready. So there is no quick reheating of your coffee if you forgot it. But considering all the benefits of these melamine cups, it's a minor drawback we can easily live with.