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Adelheid Glückswerkstatt is a German brand of household and decor items with traditional and kitsch motives taken from German culture. Their name means "workshop of happiness", and this is literally what they make, happy products and wonderful gifts for your everyday life. Start the day with an authentic Black Forest feeling by having breakfast on a traditional cutting board, or invite the Oktoberfest to your home with one of their Bavarian-style mugs. Begin you day with Adelheid and feel good.

Adelheid GlückswerkstattAdelheid Glückswerkstatt was born as the wish to carry true happiness into the world grew in the hearts of parents Gitta and Peter Plotnicki: reading stories and fairytales to their children filled them with love and happiness and a feeling of togetherness they wanted to share with the world in form of lovable mugs, cups and plates you can easily share and gift to friends.

Adelheid is the name of the workshop where all the wondrous items and gifts are made, precious pieces of happiness made to be sent out into the world and make homes happier everywhere. It is and old German word meaning “of precious make”, and is branded in cast-iron letters over the door of the workshop, literally making it the precious workshop of happiness – Adelheid Glückswerkstatt.

These are the words that guide this brand in the creation of each piece, every unique design. Drawing inspiration from traditional happy motives and folklore, Adelheid home-goods and decor items often feature Bavarian white and blue patterns often seen at the Oktoberfest, or nature motives associated with the Black Forest, the legendary and beautiful mountain forest.

Adelheid define their products as a gift of happiness, and they mean that literally: every product is packaged in a ready-for-gifting box, complete with from and to labels, making it easy to share a moment of joy with family, friends and beloved ones, and show that you care.

Adelheid products are designed to make you feel welcome and at home, so why not gift one to yourself?

At Happy Home Decor, we stock the following Adelheid home-goods and products

  • oven mitts, pot holders, aprons and kitchen towels in classic white and blue Bavarian motives, including the mandatory pretzel print;

  • doormats with happy Black Forest motives that will make you feel welcome and at home even before entering the house;

  • beautiful mugs with kitschy but cute German motives, with matching lids, perfect for taking your favorite yummy drink to-go;

  • colorful mugs with print, ideal for sharing a relaxed moment at home with friends, or just yourself and your favorite book;

  • start the day right with one of the cheerful cutting boards, and have breakfast the German way;

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