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Hirschglück is a brand of home decor items in the traditional German Kitsch style, including the mandatory garden gnome, of course made 100% in Germany. Their designs are fully aware of their kitsch-factor and playfully embraces it, creating a funky decor style for your rooms and home. Colorful garden gnomes, deers and does with colorful flocking texture or glitter application, to put on your shelves and tables - and add a crazy item to your style that will make you smile. Because that is what Hirschglück means, the "happiness of deers".

HirschglückHome decor by Hirschglück is made 100% in Germany and playfully combines traditional kitschy decoration items with modern style: stags, deers and does are a recurring theme in traditional German paintings or decoration, and found in many houses. A classic, really.

But we like more cheerful colors for happy homes, more fun and unexpected, which is why we love the Hirschglück figurines, taking the classic huntsman trophy theme and spicing it up with bright color flocking and glitter applications! These deers got glamour, and will add a fun and unexpected accent to your rooms, send things a little off balance. Perfect for placing on shelves or on a tables, like the big stag, so very kitschy and crazy, and bound to make you smile deep from within!

Or try one of the Hirschglück garden gnomes, the real deal, a 100% authentic German garden gnome for your home! Celebrate your rooms with one of these refreshing and lovable cult objects, found in so many gardens, and now also available for your home. These little fellows add instant good mood to any room they are placed in – the ultimate marriage of grown-up humor and styling.

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