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A wall is like a blank canvas - so full of opportunities!


Fill it with color and unexpected things, make your rooms come alive with the unique faux trophies and wall art by MIHO or cuckoo clocks by Pappuhren. Let your walls set a good atmosphere in your home.

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  • Best Man big deer by MIHO Unexpected

    Best Man is a faux-trophy wall decor from the big deer collection from Italian designers MIHO Unexpected Things. A wooden deer head on wall plaque, made from eco-friendly MDF fiberboard and printed in beautiful colors that look like an impressionist painting, green brush strokes with red painted flowers and large floral antlers. Classic meets contemporary.

  • The Emperor big deer by MIHO Unexpected

    A majestic faux-trophy big deer head, with flourish antlers, branches and leaves, leaves ears and a head made to resemble wooden boards and floral textile fabric. This eco-friendly design is The Emperor by MIHO Unexpected Things, designed in Italy and quality made in Germany, from wooden MDF fiberboard and printed in bright but non-toxic colors.

  • Kaleidoscope fish by MIHO Unexpected

    A brightly colored and exquisite decor fish by Italian home decor designers MIHO Unexpected Things. Place this fun and eco-friendly piece on your wall and transform your room into a place that makes people smile. Made in Germany from MDF fiberboard, printed in non-toxic colors.

  • Abracadabra fish by MIHO Unexpected

    Abracadabra is a colorful wall trophy fish by Italian home decor designers MIHO Unexpected Things, made from eco-friendly wooden MDF fiberboard and printed in bright floral patterns, an original combination of realistic fish scales look and fun quirky aesthetics. A truly magical splash of colors for your rooms!

  • I'm back! birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected

    Celebrate a warm and caring aesthetic for your home with this decor birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected Things. It is made from eco-friendly wooden fiberboard and printed in colorful textures and patterns, with floral accents and a beautiful cloth bird that lives in front. Suitable for wall mounting or for placing on a shelf.

  • Guestroom birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected

    The Guestroom birdhouse by Italian home decor designers MIHO Unexpected Things is an eco-friendly furnishing accessory you can place on the wall or on a shelf, where it will add a fun contrasts to classic books, frames and heirlooms. Wooden material printed in purple and lavender textures and colors, with a cute little birdie perched in front of the...

  • Red Baron goldfinch bird by MIHO Unexpected

    The Red Baron goldfinch bird from the MIHO Unexpected Things home decor collection is an eco-friendly furnishing accessory for display on a shelf, or wall mounting. Branches, leaves and flowers are made from wooden MDF fiberboard pieces, and the bird is made from beautifully printed textile with lots of texture and a full form.

  • Go Fishing kingfisher bird by MIHO Unexpected

    Go Fishing is a colorful home decor by MIHO Unexpcted Things - a beautiful kingfisher bird made from printed textile for a 3D look, sitting on MDF fiberboard branches with leaves. An eco-friendly furnishing accessory for your walls or shelves that celebrates an original, casual living style.

  • Playmates birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected

    A lovely two-story birdhouse from the MIHO home decor collection, the Playmates design is the home of two happy little birds, who just like the entire house are made from eco-friendly MDF fiberboard and printed in bright colors and patterns. A quality product made in Germany, and fun to assemble.

  • Romantic Resort birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected

    A colorful indoor birdhouse from the MIHO Unexpected Things home decor collection, eco-friendly MDF fiberboard printed in bright colors, complete with a little bird on a flowery branch. Romantic Resort is easy to assemble, and made in Germany.

  • Dakota Premium Horse by MIHO Unexpected

    A beautiful home decor for horse lovers, the Dakota Premium Horse by MIHO Unexpected Things is a wall mounted horse head with legs, that looks like this magnificent racing horse is literally jumping through your wall. It is made from eco-friendly wooden MDF fiberboard and printed in bright colors. Fun to assemble, and an original furnishing accessory for...

  • Palomino horse by MIHO Unexpected

    Decorate your house with this lovable Palomino horse head wall decor by MIHO Unexpected Things, Italian designers specialized in eco-friendly, wooden and collectible home decor. An inspiring and stimulating companion for your home that will put a smile on the face of any horse enthusiast who enters the place. Complete with wall plaque, bridles and red...

  • Self-Portrait trophy deer by MIHO Unexpected

    The Self-Portrait is an animal and environment friendly wall decor for your home, a wooden MDF deer head painted in beautiful green with floral details and two colorful antlers. From the faux-trophy collection by Italian home decor designers MIHO Unexpected Things, quality made in Germany.

  • Milady trophy deer with knitted collar by MIHO

    Please meet Milady, the brown doe trophy deer head by MIHO Unexpected Things. A fashionable little creature made from eco-friendly wooden MDF fiberboard, she comes with a pink knitted scarf to keep her warm. This lovable wall decor will make anyone entering the place smile, so let Milady (and her friends) spread her cheerful mood to your home too. Fun to...

  • Rendez-Vous titmouse birds by MIHO Unexpected

    They say never underestimate the power of visual joy, and we agree, this lovely titmouse bird couple by MIHO Unexpected Things is an adorable home decor that will inspire affection. Rendez-Vous is everyday magic for your walls, made from eco-friendly wooden fiberboard (branches) and beautifully printed textile fabric (birds).

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  • Prince Charming faux-trophy deer by MIHO Unexpected

    Prince Charming, like all the other happy deer trophies by MIHO Unexpected Things, is a joyful fellow made from smiles and wooden MDF sheets, printed in fun patterns and colors, collectable, and simple to assemble. Of course he is also eco-friendly, and no real deer was hurt to make this trophy head, the future pride of your fireplace or wall.

  • Want to come up Butterfly collection by MIHO

    A visual celebration of the affection that animals inspire in us, the colorful butterfly display collection by MIHO Unexpected Things is eco-friendly home decor for your walls, wooden MDF fiberboard printed in cheerful colors, and a great fun to assemble. Transform your rooms, be inspired!

  • Cheek to Cheek butterfly collection by MIHO

    The beauty of butterflies in your home, decorate your walls with splashes of color and stimulating style. The Cheek to Cheer butterfly collection is an eco-friendly display of colorfully printed MDF fiberboard, easy and fun to assemble, and a must-have decor piece for nature enthusiast who want to have fun with their walls, without getting live animals hurt.

  • Black forest cardboard mini clock Mumbai by Pappuhren

    Classic Black Forest cuckoo clock meets Bollywood with the Mumbai blink-king clock by Pappuhren. Combining a classic Junghans movement with an ecological cardboard clock face, this good-mood wall decor features a Ganesha inspired Indian design theme. The power of visual joy comes battery included.

  • Black forest cardboard mini clock Tortuga by Pappuhren

    Pirates of the Caribbean meets Black Forest tradition in this Tortuga cuckoo clock by Pappuhren, a colorful and fun home decor hand-made in Germany. All the iconic pirate themes in one decorative clock, including skull, anchor and the mandatory good-times accessory, bottles of rum! An ecological cardboard design with functional Junghans movement and...

  • Black forest cardboard mini clock Rapperbambi by Pappuhren

    Add fun and function to your wall decor with the Rapperbambi cuckoo clock by Pappuhren, combining traditional Black Forest clock-making with modern and innovative design: lovely deer meets hip-hop and skater culture. This exciting home decor is hand-made in Germany, combining a traditional Junghans movement with ecological cardboard, printed in vivid...

  • Black forest cardboard cuckoo clock Sahara by Pappuhren

    The burning hot desert sand inspired this bright yellow cuckoo clock by clockmaker Pappuhren. A fun and colorful modern redesign of the classic Black Forest clock, hand-made in Germany from ecological cardboard, completely functional including pendulum and cuckoo call or Westminster chime.

  • Black forest cardboard cuckoo clock Blaubeere by Pappuhren

    The tasty appeal of blueberries, that is the essence of this authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock by Pappuhren. 100% made in Germany, from ecological cardboard and featuring a genuine Engstler movement, the famous cuckoo call, and lots of happy color that will stimulate, refresh and transform you room with a glorious explosion of fun and humor! Smiles and...

  • Black forest cardboard cuckoo clock Himbeereis by Pappuhren

    A delicious looking cuckoo clock from the Black Forest, hand-made in Germany by Pappuhren, from sturdy ecological cardboard, and printed in appetizing raspberry ice-cream color. A fun and modern interpretation of a classic decor item, fully functional, with real brass pendulum and three different sound settings, including the classic cuckoo call!


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