Birds and bird houses

Birds and bird houses

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Colorful decor for your walls and shelves


Cheerful patterns and bright colors inspired by Italian textiles and wallpapers, the birdouses by MIHO Unexpected Things are an eco-friendly unique eye-catcher and make-you-smile decor for any room in your house.

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  • I'm back! birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected

    Celebrate a warm and caring aesthetic for your home with this decor birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected Things. It is made from eco-friendly wooden fiberboard and printed in colorful textures and patterns, with floral accents and a beautiful cloth bird that lives in front. Suitable for wall mounting or for placing on a shelf.

  • Guestroom birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected

    The Guestroom birdhouse by Italian home decor designers MIHO Unexpected Things is an eco-friendly furnishing accessory you can place on the wall or on a shelf, where it will add a fun contrasts to classic books, frames and heirlooms. Wooden material printed in purple and lavender textures and colors, with a cute little birdie perched in front of the...

  • Red Baron goldfinch bird by MIHO Unexpected

    The Red Baron goldfinch bird from the MIHO Unexpected Things home decor collection is an eco-friendly furnishing accessory for display on a shelf, or wall mounting. Branches, leaves and flowers are made from wooden MDF fiberboard pieces, and the bird is made from beautifully printed textile with lots of texture and a full form.

  • Go Fishing kingfisher bird by MIHO Unexpected

    Go Fishing is a colorful home decor by MIHO Unexpcted Things - a beautiful kingfisher bird made from printed textile for a 3D look, sitting on MDF fiberboard branches with leaves. An eco-friendly furnishing accessory for your walls or shelves that celebrates an original, casual living style.

  • Playmates birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected

    A lovely two-story birdhouse from the MIHO home decor collection, the Playmates design is the home of two happy little birds, who just like the entire house are made from eco-friendly MDF fiberboard and printed in bright colors and patterns. A quality product made in Germany, and fun to assemble.

  • Romantic Resort birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected

    A colorful indoor birdhouse from the MIHO Unexpected Things home decor collection, eco-friendly MDF fiberboard printed in bright colors, complete with a little bird on a flowery branch. Romantic Resort is easy to assemble, and made in Germany.

  • Rendez-Vous titmouse birds by MIHO Unexpected

    They say never underestimate the power of visual joy, and we agree, this lovely titmouse bird couple by MIHO Unexpected Things is an adorable home decor that will inspire affection. Rendez-Vous is everyday magic for your walls, made from eco-friendly wooden fiberboard (branches) and beautifully printed textile fabric (birds).

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  • Takeoff decor birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected

    A colorful home decor, the Takeoff birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected Things features a bright red roof inspired by Italian textiles, with green floral sides and a front printed with pencil drawn clouds and leaves. A cute little wooden bird sits perched in front of the birdhouse, which you can wall mount or place on a shelf. Made in Germany, from eco-friendly...

  • Countryside bird house by MIHO Unexpected Things

    Colorful home decor for your house, the Countryside birdhouse by MIHO Unexpected Things has a lovable style that will capture your heart. Made in Germany from eco-friendly MDF fiberboard and non-toxic colors, these fun to assemble indoor birdhouses (including cute little wooden bird) will bring a warm and caring mood to your walls or shelves.


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